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This page is dedicated to helping staff find the tools and guidelines they need to make our rendezvous successful.

Articles of Incorporation (193 K PDF) — The original 1996 document.

Constitution and Bylaws (137 K PDF)

Letterhead (47 K Word Template) — To be used for official HPRR correspondence only. Please request permission from HPRR before using.

Current Board and Chiefs (41 K PDF) — See who is on the board. Please do not use for non-HPRR purposes. When in doubt, get permission from HPRR first. Meet the board.

Download our logo for HPRR official documents: Color | Black and White

Upcoming Board Meeting Information and Minutes

Booshway Tools for a successful rendezvous:

Potential Booshway Profile (246 K PDF) — This fillable form is not required but helps us introduce you.

Booshway Planning Tool (244 K PDF) — Not required, but can help a new booshway begin to organize his or her staff and site needs.

Booshways Book — Check out this collection of notes from past booshways.

Registration Log Form (150 K XLS) — Not required, but useful for registration. If used by Booshway's staff and returned to O.P. is used for tracking year-to-year attendance.

Financial Summary Form (111 K XLS) — This form is required to be completed by Booshway or staff and returned to the Organization Purser upon completion of each annual rendezvous.

Trade Rules for distribution (351 K PDF) — Full text of trade rules that can be printed and distributed by request.

Certificate of Trade (68 K DOC | 68 K PDF) — Not required, but a convenient format if the booshway wants his/her trade chief to have a certificate that can be distributed to traders once they have been reviewed.

Flag Etiquette (230 K PDF) — Guidelines to help your flag ceremonies be handled correctly.

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