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Booshways Book

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The HPRR Booshways have left notes and messages for the next Booshway down through the years. In 2003 the Booshway decided to start a book containing this information. This book included all of the information, contacts, thoughts and ideas he felt worthy of sharing. Since then Booshways have been able to use this book for their own planning and have then left thoughts and information of their own for the next Booshway.

This book will not be all you need to know but it will answer a lot of questions and get you off to a good start. Every Booshway adds his own flavor to their rendezvous and you will be no different. When you get done with your own rendezvous you can add your thoughts and ideas as well.

The “Booshways Book” is in .pdf format. You can download the complete book or just the section you need on the right. This format does not always allow everything to come out in perfect order. You may also notice that some of the older pages may not be up to date (Officers names and contact info for instance). Please remember that this is an ongoing work, we do not go back and change information that was left by past Booshways. For more current information on Officers, Chiefs Council Members or the HPRR By Laws please visit our staff page.

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